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EU project

"Elaboration of low head modular hydroelectric power plant technology characterized by high power efficiency and minimum environmental impact"


The project is focused on elaborating technology for construction of small and modular hydroelectric power plants with innovative solutions in the field of sectional design,

hydrogenerating set, weir system and control. The ModMEW idea is based on constructing identical modules differing only in size (depending on the stream size). The principal
ModMEW elements are:
1. hydroelectric power plant module - which consists of multiple highly efficient hydrogenerating sets constructed with innovative transmissionless technology;
2. weir module – which is based on up-to-date composite technology of movable inflatable weirs (the sealed tube or membrane of the wear is inflatable and used for directing the flow of
the water). The inflatable membranes are air- or water- filled; therefore the water barrier does not pose any ecological hazard to the fluvial ecosystem. Keeping water supply within the
natural river bed helps to improve water retention, it also allows for restoration of natural environmental conditions for irrigation of neighbouring land;
3. control module – central unit for controlling the weir and hydrogenerating sets depending on actual water flow conditions in the stream.
The basic aim of the proposed solution is to achieve the highest possible power efficiency of the hydroelectric power plant, beginning with optimum utilization of the source energy. It is
anticipated that the weir will be geometrically deflected from the river axis. In this way a guide apparatus for a water turbine will be obtained, without water stream rebound (reflection).
The sectional concept of hydroelectric power plant design will cause a significant decrease in investment costs and outlay; the repairs in case of breakdown will also be easier.
Moreover, the solutions put forward in the project will ensure minimum interference into the natural environment, since - among other factors - fish passes will be provided and weirs will
be built of composite materials.

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