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Fish ladder – a natural solution at SHP Dobroszów

we are building extremely long fish ladder
Works on the construction of the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant in Dobroszów Wielki on the Bóbr River are not slowing down. Their end is estimated at mid-May. At that time, a 150-meter-long fish and other organisms' pass will be created, allowing them to freely migrate up and down the river.
What does the construction site on the Bóbr River look like at the moment? The suction pipes are flooded to zero level and a gloomy weir in the first part is made. Currently, the steering pillar and the half of the separation pillar are being reinforced.
The pace of work is, according to Tadeusz Wawrzykowski, vice-president of Wodel, surprisingly fast. - For similar buildings that we have performed, the works lasted 12-13 months. We entered Dobroszów in September. If all is completed in mid-May, as I estimate, we will have the plants ready in 10 months. It is a very good time - emphasizes T. Wawrzykowski.
In the last week of January, it is planned to install the first coating on the weir, which involves pouring the weir, control pillar, half of the separation pillar and equipping the control pillar with elements such as valves, pumps, etc. and installing the coating. In the first week of February, the quality of workmanship will be checked and the first walls will be cut. At the same time, at the end of February, it is planned to move to the second stage, i.e. the construction of the second and third spans of the weir.
the next step will be to build a fish ladder. A 150-meter-long fish pass will be built at SHP Dobroszów. This is an extremely long section, and thus the fish-pass will be quite an expensive water facility. The total construction cost is estimated at 700,000. PLN.
For each SHP investment in Poland, the type and assumption conditions for the fish pass are determined by the environmental decision requested by the investor. There are many types of fish passes. A stream ladder with stone rapids imitating natural conditions will be built at SHP in Dobroszów. The stones will be arranged to keep the elevation between the individual steps of the order of 11-12 cm.
Interestingly, the construction of the fish pass is quite complicated. It is built in such a way as to encourage fish to enter the upper and lower fish pass. It is also not being built just anywhere. The fish pass has this function to maintain the biological flow of fish, snails and other organisms between the top and bottom. The fish pass must not be too fast. There must be places to rest for the fish. It must also be created in a strictly defined place so as to attract the fish to enter the fish pass. The fish ladder should be placed on the bank with the chambers, not on the opposite bank. The speed of water inflow into the inlet channel is very low. A luring current is given in the fish pass, a bit higher. The fish is always curious and it will go there. Additionally, protective electrical barriers will be used at MEW Dobroszów. The barrier will be located behind the fish pass and in front of the inlet to the inlet channel.
All activities undertaken by investors in the field of environmental protection are aimed at maintaining the status quo.


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